Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a terrible nightmare! Hang on…..Oh no!

Here are some photos from the roll I took over the last couple of weeks with my Asahi Pentax ME Super - I liked these.

The first one was taken on a walk in South Hobart, the second stars my beautiful girlfriend before departing to go somewhere, the third looks down the front path at my house, the forth it taken outside the museum in Hobart, and the fifth is looking up a tree. Hope you think they are nice, I do.

Go and listen to 'Sometimes the Line Walks You' by Murder By Death


  1. You are a natural Andi!!!!
    I especially love the first two photos :-)

  2. Cheers Em!

    They are my favorite 2 aswell. Can't wait to get a decent roll through it,.. have only been using cheapies so far.