Monday, October 25, 2010

New Moon Baby

So I was rifling through my many lyric diaries the other day and found a concept page I had written for my solo EP, and whilst I have essentially kept to my concept, I had dated this page November 2009… This may not mean much to anyone but me, but I find it very shocking, as I had an EP written but just not finished at the time I wrote this down, meaning that I have spent a year procrastinating and scrapping songs and only have done one solo show… whilst drunk. So essentially I have gone backwards in the last eleven months and am further from putting anything of substance out there.

This makes me wonder how anyone put any of their own music out with any confidence in the quality. When you are in a band it is a lot easier, because everyone contributes towards a final product, everyone has their favourite/least-favourite songs and are able to make decisions about what will work on a record and what can be scrapped or re-written or whatever, but when you are doing it all by yourself, including production, it’s a different ball game, full of self-doubt and double guessing… so my resolve it to just put up a bunch of demos and see what sticks, then produce the most well received and whatever I write in the meantime that is of any good and release it as some kind of free EP that is downloadable. So expect a link to the first instalment in this series of (probably pretty scrappy) demos within the next little while! I still have to finish off the vocals, as I got sick with a shitty virus half way through recording (with a broken arm no less) and don’t really want to immortalise my currant nasally tones.

Here’s a picture of the potted vegie garden K-Dub and I established over the weekend, it’s going to rule!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow

Spirits are low today readers... What's worse than having a broken wrist? Answer - Being sick AND having a broken wrist... ON A WEEKEND! I must have wronged the gods recently, as I'm in this situation without any food in the house, and the thought of driving and being in public to stock up is enough to sending me hiding under the covers... much less getting dressed, fuck that... I'm just going to hide in my room in the dark and feel sorry for myself I think. K-Dub is sick aswell (which, of course is the reason I'm sick) so I don't have a personal nurse to fuss over me either. I also have the feeling that work is going to guilt trip me about not coming in tomorrow, as we have a short-staffed week coming up, but oh well, ain't nothing I can do to help that is there?

ANYWAY, end bitch session.

The reason for this post is that I have been able to play guitar and banjo with my wrist in the cast, so have continued recording my EP, I hope to put a song or two up on the internet for free download soon and, when it's complete, put the whole thing up for free download. Does anyone know a website where I can host downloadable and streamable music for free?


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I'm off to make soup

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hey, I posted some shots from my new cam on my Flickr and a few film shots (including the one below) I had forgotten about, check that shit out -

I don't know how to use the new cam yet so excuse the dslr shots.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

O'Doyal RULES!

Hello folks!

Not much going down in the Andi camp at the minute... still crippled by a broken wrist. However, my new camera arrived yesterday so I've been playing with that... Annnnnnnnd... work? nah, not interesting enough to write about. Not being able to play guitar has had me putting lyrics to all the solo and band demos, so thats good.

Anyway the reason of this post is to show you a photo of Chris being a Velociraptor in a Jurassic Park-esque kitchen we stumbled into one night last month.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Broken bones and mircophones...

Ok, so blog entries have been very few and far between over here of recent, but I really do have some great excuses, they are as follows –

I have been doing some serious study recently, as the study year is approaching.

I work full time, and study full time, so when I get the chance, I like to sink into the couch and read a book or just stare at the ceiling – this beats blogging most of the time.

I have been writing lyrics furiously for my band and solo project as both are soon to be gigging hopefully.

And last, BUT DEFINATLY NOT LEAST… I ate shit on my skateboard and subsequently fractured my fucking goddamn shitting wrist, which has really put me out, as I cant ride my bike or play my guitar, two things that help me maintain the little sliver of sanity that I am clinging to… ALSO, because it is my right wrist and I am right handed/wristed, it pretty much makes a complete cunt out of the simplest everyday tasks I am faced with everyday, like opening a door whilst holding something or getting my wallet out of my pocket…. Not to mention the fact that it hurts like a bitch. But luckily I have a great girl who makes my injury easier to bare as well as friends who have been making me dinners, opening my beers etc…

In other news, I bought a DSLR, a Pentax k10d which I should get next week, which will be fun to play with.

I also saw Ben Salter last night at the Alley Cat bar in North Hobart, and that dude is amazing!

Anyway, I will sign out for now, as this pitiful entry has taken over half an hour to write left handed (it’s OK, I’m doing this at work).

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