Monday, November 1, 2010

They give it by the inch but they take it by the mile.

Man the bank is really bending me over at the moment, looks like I might have to call off Christmas… apparently I am still on a ridiculously heinous interest rate on my land loan because the bank values my property at $105,000, which is well below it’s market value, however the state revenue office still sees fit to tax me for a block of land worth $120,000… I have had 4 rate rises in the 9 months I’ve had the loan which is twice as many as the Reserve Bank of Australia have introduced in this time, and still the bank treats me like they don’t want my business! And the worst part is that they know your fucked whatever you think of their practices, ‘cos every bank is as crooked as the next, and, of course, the process of changing banks will attract so many bullshit fees (exit fee from one bank, new account fee on the next bank, land valuation for the next bank, loan establishment fee on the next bank and whatever other ‘account keeping’ horseshit they try and pull on you) that it’s not worth it for the fraction of a percent interest better off you’ll end up. So yeah, I just have to grin and bear it really! I suppose that I am at least in a position to pay my loan off and get somewhere, and a lot of people are getting houses repossessed and all that, but this is my blog, and I can complain about whatever I like.

I don’t really have any new news, except that one of my work-based goldfish committed suicide last week. I found Bob all dried up and stuck to my desk one morning, the poor bastard made it about half a metre from the tank. I guess an office would be a pretty depressing place to spend your entire fishy existence… I think I will try and find a new home for Shirley before she meets the same smelly fate as Bob.

I got all my assignments in for the year which takes a load off, but I still have an exam next Wednesday standing between me and the ‘holidays’ (not so much of a holiday as I’ll still be working full time… but yeah), my only issues with all this is that the exam looks to be a bit tricky and the day before I sit it I am due to have the cast taken off my wrist, so I might be a bit tender… I guess I’ll have to ‘harden the fuck up’ eh?

Also I am working on that first demo I will upload, and I should have it up by the weekend.

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