Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hey Darlin’, do you gamble?

I got some of these films for a steal on ebay recently, and am about halfway through the first roll in my old Pentax SLR.

Will let you know how they turn out, and post some shots on here if they're any good.

Go and watch this video - It will blow you mind, trust me.

Peace and love


  1. Hey Andi i miss you i thought id send you this linky winky to an awesome chicago tv-show JBTV
    This episode has heaps of awesome bands and Brendan Kelly is hosting!
    Love Jerry P.S gotta catch up with you and Dommy soon!

  2. Hey Dingle Berry!

    We definatly have hook up for sure! I am plying a solo set at Chris' house onthe 24th July with a whole bunch of other cool dudes, you should totally put in an appearance! Other wise, just pop into 409 whenever, the doors are alway open to you (except for when there's no-one home, coz we keep 'em locked).

    Keep in touch man.

    Love Andi

  3. BTW, that video that you sent me the link for kicked arse! That Dead to Me set sounded so good... Took like an hour to load for me though.