Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If you think carrots are crass, i'ma pop a cap in yo' ass!

Older ladies eh? They can make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside (I mean that in a totally non-creepy way), I’ll expand –

I really love imagining what people say/yell/mutter when they put down the phone after finishing a phone conversation with me, especially when it’s a work related matter being discussed. Usually it would be something along the lines of ‘blow it out your arse you prick!’ or a more simple ‘what an arsehole.’ Today however I had a nice old lady (old duck, if you will) that couldn’t thank me enough for my time and patience in helping her out, and I could imagine her saying something along the lines of ‘what a nice young fellow’ after our conversation. Anyway after this I kind of had old ladies on the brain. At lunch when I asked the older lady that always sells me my lunch if I could have a vegetarian wrap, she said ‘sorry dear, did you say vegetarian wrap?’, at this point I had the best vision of this old lady busting out some crazy pro-vegetarian rhymes with me laying down some mad beat-boxing. Wrap – RAP! Get it? ...ah, forget it (it sounds mediocre in writing, but it was awesome in my brain).

So I looked back at the few posts that I’ve done and realised that I said I would tell you all about my band, and still haven’t. I cant be bothered doing it now, but I can say that we practiced tonight, and apart from being freezing, it was great, we should probably be right to gig by the end of the year. Last practice the other three dudes in the band (that aren’t me) wrote a song while I was up the other end of the house taking a piss… we practiced it as a band tonight and it kicks arse! Yay!

I have also booked my first solo gig, it’s in a months time, so I gotta get crackin’ with the song writing and practicing.

Go and listen to 'Heather' by Heavens

Here is a photo I took of some bridges in Amsterdam

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