Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello World, This is Me!

I’m Andi, and this is my blog!

To be completely transparent, the sole purpose of this is to promote my future endeavours, because it seems this is the way of the future (I have no facebook you see..[this offcourse means that I am not invited to anything anymore, and have lost touch with most of the people I caught up with back in the day{until I get an iPhone that is}]).

Because I have the best taste in music I will also recommend a song at the end of each of these semi-regular (maybe…) entries.

Go and listen to ‘Never Felt Prettier’ by Planes Mistaken for Stars.



  1. Hmmmm i Prefer the Dim Sim song by Brick Matter! Peace - Yo C.J

  2. good luck with your endeavours! i like your photos above. also, your fantastical use of nested parentheses (i speak in parentheses often)!

    p.s. i followed you here from kristy's blog :)