Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whores will have their trinkets

Hi folks! I know I’ve been very slack around here, keeping you completely uninformed and all that… so I pray to sweet baby Jesus in heaven that you will forgive me, look passed my wrong-doings, and give me another chance… I haven’t even had a chance to shamelessly promote myself yet! (probably because I haven’t got anything to promote at the minute, but still, yeah…). Bad stuff has happened to my removable hard drive causing me to lose the demo I was going to put up for you, along with every-fucking-other-thing, so that’s on the back burner until I can fix it… or, Dad can fix it, either one.

So having promised readers a song then being unable to deliver it, the blog got put to one side for a bit. To be honest, I really thought ‘fuck yeah, I’m finished study so I’ll be able to blog more and shamelessly promote the living shit out of my self, I’ll have a new song up every week and be getting all kinds of fanmail and love from my soon to be fanatical followers!’ But in reality, I’ve just avoided even sitting in front of a computer when I can help it, and have been playing guitar and skating and generally whooping it up during my little holiday time with the family. It hasn’t helped that family are sleeping in my recording room, and I do my best work at night. However, I am part way through doing a demo of all the (still unnamed) band's songs on acoustic guitars with Chris, so if they’re any good, one might find its way onto the net, in which case, I’ll point you in it’s direction.

Anyhoo, whilst I have been doing lots, nothing is going to be interesting to you, as it’s mainly family stuff and every-day stuff (eating, sleeping, talking etc…). I am planning a three day bike trip for next week with my brother, so I’ll put some pics up when I get back.

I’ll leave you with a pic of K-Dub drinking beer in the park, off an old roll of film I only developed the other day.

Talk to you next year!

Go and listen to ‘Hours That You Keep’ by Maritime