Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy New (financial) Year!

So… let us reflect on the posts that have been, as roughly one month has past since I began this unholy tyrant… I guess I have to sit back and ask my self, ‘how is the blog going for me?’, and more importantly ‘how is it going for you, my faithful audience?’, have I been thought provoking (not really), inspiring (defiantly not), opinionated (yep), controversial (not unless you are easily offended), angst ridden (kinda recently) ect… the elephant in the proverbial room is of course the ‘promotion’ side of Shameless Self-Promotion. I, of course, started this thing as a selfish outlet for self-advertising and just generally a place to post my bullshit… So far there is only the underlying hint that I am doing music stuff, but I have made myself sound pretty damn slack, and there’s been lots of bullshit, so this month I am going to try and focus this thing a bit more on the ‘getting to know me’ side of things… so brace yourselves. Also I think by the end of the month, I may have gotten around to recording a demo and putting it online, but we’ll see.

I've been demoing my live set on my iPod with the use of K-Dub’s headphones with a mic on ‘em (which I stole [Mwaahahahaha!!!]), and they don’t actually sound too bad, so my advice to all you singer/songwriters out there who want to demo on cheap it to do it like this. I actually have a full recording studio rig, but it’s scattered between two locations at the moment, and it’s a bitch to set up (took me a whole fucking weekend to setup the first time) so this technique works for me. I only have the most lowly iPod still, but I’ll probably upgrade someday, although I think that the screen of one of those new ones must be the most unsanitary thing in the modern world, because one of the times during a regular day which the device would see extended use would be during ablutions (pooping [shitting{taking a crap}]), so yeah… wash your hands before eating.

Oh and reading over my bitchy post of yesterday I realised that I forgot another misfortune that I suffered during the day: my watch strap broke. This really put me out for a whole 24 hours. So yeah… feel sorry for me.
Me and Chris decided, after reflecting on the happening of last night, that our pushbike gang with in fact be an outlaw pushbike gang! We shall call ourselves ‘The Saddle Club’!

Another thing I am going to try and do for you people this month is to write these entries a lot better. I have read through a couple recently and found it hard to make any sense of them.

Go and listen to ‘Dull’ by samiam

Here’s a photo I took outside my house during a lightning storm at about 20 minutes to midnight on New Years Eve 2009.

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