Monday, July 26, 2010

Love, Ire and Song

Yo Yo!

So it's been a week without a post, and what has happened in that week? I played my first solo gig, and I think it went pretty well (I only stuffed up a few times) and I got a new camera (olympus trip 35) and I set up a Flickr account ( and currently my Dad is down from Canberra and staying with me (I'm not sure if he's stoked on the vegan thing, he could handle vegetarian meals, but I might be pushing it now... [that's another thing; after 4+ years of doing the vego thing I'm going vegan])... so yeah, you're up to date! Oh, and I was going to take the Pentax SLR to the gig to get some shots of the other people, but it ended up just sitting in my backpack and getting all wet from a leaking drink bottle, so it's sitting in front of the fire now, and I have my digits crossed... it's goign to be a nervous wait.

Here's a photo that I took in Melbourne last weekend on the Pentax

The Bottle'o

I was lucky enough to have one of the best dudes play banjo for a cover of the Eagles 'Take it Easy' and I think it was videoed, so thanks for that Linc!

Go and listen to some of Linc's songs at -
I promise you that they will cripple you with awesomeness!

Go in peace

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