Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wide angle!

So, remember a few posts ago (Huge Gold AK47!) I said I bought a cheap wide angle lens for my old Pentax SLR? Well I did, and here are some of the spoils of the first roll I shot through it -

Duke (desaturated)

My bike

The front steps at my Ps place

Chris and his (decapitated)Hummingbird

As you can see, it is a cheap lens and doesn't take the sharpest shots (maybe thats just me), but I think i'll keep it and play with it a bit more.

Go and listen to 'Making the Nouveau Riche' by Blueline Medic (this band fucking rules!!!)



  1. Dude, the pics look awesome.. AND Blueline Medic is awesome. AND AND so are The Blood Brohers (I caught the reference a couple posts ago.)

  2. Cheers man! I still haven't seen Blueline Medic live... they never fucking play shows anymore... Bloody old men eh?