Saturday, October 16, 2010

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow

Spirits are low today readers... What's worse than having a broken wrist? Answer - Being sick AND having a broken wrist... ON A WEEKEND! I must have wronged the gods recently, as I'm in this situation without any food in the house, and the thought of driving and being in public to stock up is enough to sending me hiding under the covers... much less getting dressed, fuck that... I'm just going to hide in my room in the dark and feel sorry for myself I think. K-Dub is sick aswell (which, of course is the reason I'm sick) so I don't have a personal nurse to fuss over me either. I also have the feeling that work is going to guilt trip me about not coming in tomorrow, as we have a short-staffed week coming up, but oh well, ain't nothing I can do to help that is there?

ANYWAY, end bitch session.

The reason for this post is that I have been able to play guitar and banjo with my wrist in the cast, so have continued recording my EP, I hope to put a song or two up on the internet for free download soon and, when it's complete, put the whole thing up for free download. Does anyone know a website where I can host downloadable and streamable music for free?


Go and listen to 'See You In Hell' by Small Brown Bike

I'm off to make soup

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