Friday, October 1, 2010

Broken bones and mircophones...

Ok, so blog entries have been very few and far between over here of recent, but I really do have some great excuses, they are as follows –

I have been doing some serious study recently, as the study year is approaching.

I work full time, and study full time, so when I get the chance, I like to sink into the couch and read a book or just stare at the ceiling – this beats blogging most of the time.

I have been writing lyrics furiously for my band and solo project as both are soon to be gigging hopefully.

And last, BUT DEFINATLY NOT LEAST… I ate shit on my skateboard and subsequently fractured my fucking goddamn shitting wrist, which has really put me out, as I cant ride my bike or play my guitar, two things that help me maintain the little sliver of sanity that I am clinging to… ALSO, because it is my right wrist and I am right handed/wristed, it pretty much makes a complete cunt out of the simplest everyday tasks I am faced with everyday, like opening a door whilst holding something or getting my wallet out of my pocket…. Not to mention the fact that it hurts like a bitch. But luckily I have a great girl who makes my injury easier to bare as well as friends who have been making me dinners, opening my beers etc…

In other news, I bought a DSLR, a Pentax k10d which I should get next week, which will be fun to play with.

I also saw Ben Salter last night at the Alley Cat bar in North Hobart, and that dude is amazing!

Anyway, I will sign out for now, as this pitiful entry has taken over half an hour to write left handed (it’s OK, I’m doing this at work).

Go and listen to ‘Cadence!’ by The Honor System



  1. Sorry to hear about your wrist Andi! Hope it heals quick!!!

    I have been slack with my holga and lomo lately :( But should get my butt back into gear soon! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to with the DSLR, I'm sure you will blow my photography out of the water!!

    Kick back and enjoy your Kdub looking after you :)


  2. Cheers em!

    It's pretty shit having an injury, but it hasn't slowed me down to much.

    A good way to get use out of you film cams is to buy bulk amounts of film of ebay... saves $$$ as well!

    I will post some digi photos soon hopefully!