Saturday, August 14, 2010

'Only squares wear shoes while they're at work'

Hello internerds!

Just an update, so blogger won't delete my little slice of heaven over here (I'm sure they'd jump at the chance, coz all these photos take up a whole shitload of room [maybe I'd link them if blogger didn't crop the shit out of them {I'm aware that there is probably some really easy fix for this, but hey... I like to complain, and its giving me a good 'jumping off point' to really get this post started -I wish there was a 4th type of bracket...-}]).

So yeah, I haven't really been doing anything, just riding my bike and skating and work and study etc...

And I haven't developed my rolls of film, due to financial issues... So I ain't got no piccies to show you. But to validate the title of today's post, I will add that the last couple of days at work, while in the office, I have been ditching shoes, and just rocking the explorer socks... and it feels great! I know you may be thinking 'dude, this isn't some new craze, me/my workmate does this all the time', so I'll have you know that the concept isn't new to me either, I've seen poeple doing it before... but it's (for some strange reason... because it's fucking AWESOME) never appealed to me. But yeah, I've been embracing it, as well as taking all the shit (phone, work phone, keys, wallet, other loose trinkets) out of my pockets and planting them on the desk. This has always been hard for me in the past, but it feels fantastic now... maybe it's my more layed back vegan life taking effect.

The only downsides to all this are: you have to put your shoes on prior to visits to the toilet (if you have any sense of hygene), and grab your wallet when heading out for lunch, out of the office ect... as well the increased risk of leaving things at work... of course I am taking about keys, wallet ect, I'm layed back, but no so much to not notice that I am not wearing shoes.

Anyhow, I have to sign off for this arvo, as K-Dub is sick in bed and needs me to make her dinner... Not that she deserves is, she's got over 90 followers on blog and I have 4 (one of them is me, and one is her)... how fucking sad is that!?

Go and listen to 'Mouth of a Tiger' by Sundowner - the new album 'We Chase the Waves', has recently ripped me a new one... highly recommended!

And follow me! I mean it's not the worst blog on the internet... And it'll do wonders for my self-esteem.



  1. The no shoes thing sounds Awesome, Maybe I should take to wearing explorer socks in my handbag to work and change out of my heels when I get there..... :-)
    Mind if I add a link to your blog on my site? :-)

  2. nah... just go barefoot, it's totally the next step in the progression, skip the socks part altogether.

    Link me!