Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am a human tripod...

...and I just bought a new tripod, so I will no doubt be posting some long-as-fuck exposures on here when I get my current roll of film back. Shit's gonna be mad y'all.

Anyway, I have the next few days off work as I am studying and going on a road trip with my main men to see some awesome bands - I might even post my first live show review... if you're lucky that is.

I also got the awesome news this week that the New Pornographers are touring Australia AND they are coming to Tasmania (huge deal if you don't already know) AAAAAAAAAND they are bringing Neko Case! Fuck yeah!

I'll leave you with this pic I took when teaching K-Dub the art of driving a car -

be sure to go to my Flickr thingy and look at my other shots, and you should totally leave some comments, because in reality, it will make you feel good as well as boost my ego... so everyone wins!

Go and listen to 'Use It' by the New Pornographers

Peace yo


  1. Listened.
    Now you go and listen to "Myriad Harbour" by them.

  2. I'ma do one better and watch that on youtube... one craaazy clip!

  3. actually when I was in NYC I actually found myself standing on the corner of bleeker and broadway (unintentially) and started singing this song.